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Cloud Services in Sydney

Rojan’s cloud services in Sydney cater to small businesses and large enterprises. No job is too difficult for us!

Moving your applications and servers to the cloud can be a big decision. With our expertise, you can explore various options and be confident with your choices.

Our cloud services allow you to access information and accounts with organizations such as Microsoft, Google, and Amazon Web Services (AWS), where access is generally gained via the Internet.

Besides cloud services, we offer a wide variety of things like Citrix desktop access service, web hosting, 24/7 monitoring, and many more! Contact us now if you would like to hear more.

Public Cloud

Scalable, Secure, Efficient

Our project managers at Rojan, the leading public cloud service provider in Sydney can help you utilize the power of commercial cloud service providers to access your applications over the web while paying for only what you use. This allows your business to run more efficiently and through a secure connection. Rather than accessing your account information on Amazon or Google through your traditional internet connection, Rojan’s public cloud services in Sydney will serve as the secure cloud you use to access your information on the internet.

Rojan is a public cloud provider agnostic. Let our consultants help you select the best public cloud framework for your business.

Private Cloud

Flexible, Private, Control

Keeping control of your applications and servers closer to home is preferred by many businesses. Rojan’s private cloud services in Sydney allows your business faster access to your own servers, applications and helpdesk support, and a secure space to keep your data safe. Ease of accessibility and data security are fundamental requirements for your business, making it a priority for us.

Private cloud is our core product. Contact us for a tour of our data center.

Multi Cloud

Scalable, Secure, Diverse

Rojan’s multi cloud services in Sydney can help your business leverage the power of multiple public cloud services together. By utilizing more than one public cloud platform, Rojan can help diversify your business strategy by securing the requirement for continuity. Let our cloud services team in Sydney show you how this can be achieved.

Hybrid Cloud

Flexible, Diverse, Scalable

Spreading application workloads between private and public cloud networks is a popular choice for many organisations. Our hybrid cloud services in Sydney offer the best of both worlds best suited for product development life cycles and allowing your network to expand beyond its physical capacity.

Talk to our hybrid cloud services team in Sydney to discuss your plans to utilise private and public cloud simultaneously. Call us today.