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WCTS is an integrated end to end solution that collates real time data for the complete waste collection process, recording who, when, where and how much waste was collected.

The information is recorded as the bins are lifted and transmits the data to the web based central management system.

This system enables both the contractor and customer to have real time access to important business information.

WCTS can help customers provide an efficient waste managment operation. 

At present, it is the only system that can provide all the information required to achieve a complete waste management solution with complete tracking and auditing facilities.


  • Works with side lift & rear lift trucks
  • RFID bin identification
  • Video monitoring of bin collection
  • GPS vehicle tracking
  • On-vehicle data collection
  • Wireless internet data transmission to web server
  • Web server provides on-line, real time reports to both customer & contractor
  • Remote management
WCTS - How it Works

How it Works

This diagram illustrates the core hardware components and how they integrate with the Central Management System.

The data is recorded and sent via the internet to the Web Base Reporting System where Administrators can monitor every aspect of the waste management process.

Customer Benefits

  • Accurate data including weight, category, time of service, bin owner. 
  • Determine if rubbish collected is in the correct category for the allocated pick up.
  • Bin tracking determines if a bin has been moved from its allocated account location.
  • Increase accountability and reduce expenses through detailed knowledge of actual waste collected.
  • Respond to customer enquiries timely and accurately.
  • Track vehicle activity and identify foreign waste.

Contractor Benefits

  • Track vehicle and driver activity reducing instances of foreign bin collection.
  • Monitor driver performance including how many lifts per run and total time taken.
  • Improve contract management with operational accounting.
  • Provide best practice services to exceed the competition improving ability to win new contracts.
  • Accurate and up to date reporting including real time, on line services.


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