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WAN Optimisation

Speeding up applications over slow or overutilised links is possible with Silver Peak.  With built-in support for Quality Of Service (QOS), accelerating your applications  to your offices and data center can benefit your organisation.


Whether you are a networking, storage or virtualization professional, Rojan can help you choose the right data acceleration solution.



Features & Benefits



Increased Performance

Improving the speed of your applications means improving productivity for remote sites. Speeding up backups and replication jobs over remote office links will help increase window times for regular maintenance.

Fast Deployment

Support for Virtual platforms, VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix XenServer and KVM. Deploy Silver Peak virtual appliance in minutes without disrupting the production environment

Business Investment

Investing in WAN optimisation is critical for an expanding business. Whilst increasing performance, bandwidth costs can be decreased.