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Cloud Services

Build it and they will come... so we did!

Rojan Australia’s cloud services cater for small business to large enterprises. The shift from the server room in the office now moves to the data center, lowering cost and consolidating server and networking hardware. The shift is driven by products such as VMware for server virtualization and cheaper, faster broadband Internet access such as ADSL2 and Fiber.

For businesses looking to manage their own equipment, Rojan also caters for data center access to secure rack space.

Rojan’s cloud services can offer data protection, redundancy and access to your business critical applications at all times with a guaranteed response covered by a Service Level Agreement.

So, What Costs Am I Lowering… Exactly?

Electricty Bill

Servers, old and new still use up a lot of power. Running 24x7, including air conditioning 365 days a year. You can expect big savings if you have more than two (2) servers.


Total Cost of Ownership. This includes breakdowns, outages and spare part costs. Hardware that you may have purchased cheap will cost you more in lost time and productivity. Spending less on hardware and worrying about breakdowns will be things of the past.


By virtualizing physical servers you can have your all of your servers running on one physical server. You could take the option of virtualizing your servers onto Rojan’s infrastructure, replacing the need for you to purchase hardware, software and warranty by a fixed monthly fee paid to Rojan (fee will vary by requirements). In some cases, it could save you on office space rent getting rid of all the servers taking up room.


Your I.T department or I.T Hero at your office no longer needs to worry about checking backups or troubleshooting backup issues. Rojan can take care of all your backup needs.


By utilizing Rojan’s Microsoft Exchange 2010 and Citrix Xenapp services. You only need a computer or smartphone to access your desktop files and email on the go. Save money on annual licensing costs for most Microsoft products, upgrades are free!

So, What Makes Rojan A Better Service?

Traditionally, most of our customers are from word of mouth or disgruntled by their previous cloud service provider.

Rojan believes better service comes with our ability to provide various resources and personal account management for peace of mind during the important migration period to our cloud service and future project work for your business.

Backed by a confident helpdesk team, support requests are dealt with in a timely manner and by people who can assist with technical tasks in both lower and higher levels.

Special Offer

Free guest wireless access point and printer including setup at your office for 20MB Fiber link orders.

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