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Citrix Hosting

Citrix Desktop Access offers secure, flexible access to files, office productivity and business applications from your house, office or hotel room.

So, Why Is This Better Than My Own Computer?

  • Company data is backed up
  • No lost data if your computer is lost or stolen
  • Don’t pay any Microsoft Office license costs, free upgrades when new versions come out.
  • Use any computer, phone or tablet to access files and applications.

Features & Benefits

Lower Operating Costs

No expensive hardware or software is required.

Universal Access

Access your business application as you need from anywhere in the world, from any computer (including smartphones and tablets).

Secure Access

A secure channel is set up between you and our Citrix servers using SSL certificates. Encryption occurs at login and during the session.



Pricing & Options

Prices range from $15 to $30 a month, please contact our sales team to discuss for assistance choosing the right Citrix solution for your business.