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Our client required a solution that would give guaranteed Internet and local network access with 99.9% uptime, 24 hours 365 days a year.

The network environment was typical of any network environment. One of everything; Internet connection, router, firewall, LAN switches.  The problem with this design for a company that requires high uptime status is that there is no redundancy. During an outage, it takes time to replace and wait for services to come back online.

The solution was simple, yet advanced in many ways. A second Internet connection with wireless connectivity to mitigate risk of copper network failure was implemented, during a failure of the primary connection the wireless connection will resume Internet services seamlessly.

LAN switch redundancy was implemented so that if network interfaces on servers become faulty or a primary switch fails the second network interface on the server or the second redundant switch will resume local network services.

A second firewall was also implemented which is hosted and managed by Rojan.  As soon as power loss or network connectivity is lost on one firewall the second will resume services instantly. 

The solution is ongoing as detailed testing occurs on a quarterly basis to ensure the integrity of the solution during production times.