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Our client required quality of service for telephone calls between each branch office and improved access from remote offices.

The Internet connections at each office were adequate but voip calls over vrf and vpn connections suffered when the links were being heavily utilised for application use. Upgrading the bandwidth was considered but this does not solve the problem in the long term.

The solution was to implement a WAN acceleration solution that can provide quality of service (QoS) for telephone calls between the most affected branch offices including head office. By guaranteeing bandwidth per call, staff no longer experienced telephone call dropouts and voice quality degradation.

WAN acceleration also assisted in compressing application traffic across the pipe which improved access speed by 30% on average.  Applications with faster access speed include Citrix, Web Browsing and Microsoft Office.

Remote offices often suffer from loss of connection due to environmental factors.

By implementing business grade DSL services with a Telstra 3G Wireless backup link, Metromix staff in remote offices now enjoy a seamless backup failover link if the primary Internet loses connection.